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You don’t take unnecessary risk and neither do we.

Our investments are collateral driven and we maintain low loan to value ratios to ensure that they are well secured. We focus primarily on real estate located in Orange County, coastal San Diego and Los Angeles counties, as well as the most desirable property markets in California where values are the first to go up and the last to go down.

Alliance Portfolio offers whole and fractional trust deed investments for individual investors as well as mortgage funds which mitigate risks through diversification and have a minimum investment of $25,000.

1. Trust Deed Investments

Trust deed investments are loans secured by real estate. Often times referred to as “Hard Money” or “Private Money” loans. Most people identify with the term “mortgage”. Simply put, they are privately funded mortgages.

Investors can purchase whole trust deeds or fractional interest in any individual trust deed.

  • Whole trust deed. An investor funds the entire loan individually.
  • Fractional trust deed. An investor participates with up to 10 other investors and holds an undivided interest in the trust deed.

To learn more about trust deed investing, please complete this contact form and we will contact you directly.

2. Alliance Mortgage Fund

Alliance Mortgage Fund is a REG D 506C Offering and works similarly to a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) or a mutual fund.  Investor purchases membership interest of the fund, the fund then invests in loans secured by real estate known as Trust Deeds and commonly referred to as mortgages. The trust deeds provide income to the fund and the fund then distributes the income collected to the fund members through quarterly cash distribution or growth through reinvestment. Minimum investment is $25,000.